I’ve been thinking a lot about incentives recently and in particular how incentives impact our financial wellbeing. When I look at the growing inequality between the rich and the poor I see the statistics but only recently did I get a taste of what it’s like to be underbanked. I should preface this article by saying that I am extremely privileged to live in New York City, and have relationships with 13 different financial institutions. In spite of that, I still faced a problem that many in the US who are less privileged still face.

How to deposit cash with…

What’s the Key to Building Wealth?

At first glance, building wealth and finances can feel overwhelming. Depending on where you look, you’ll get conflicting advice. Banks will tell you to open up a savings account or get a new credit card. You deserve it. TV commercials will tell you to get a new truck or a fancy sports car and then you’ll feel rich. You deserve it! Financial advisors will tell you to give them your money and they’ll turn $1,000 into $1 Million, just trust them. They know best, right? The internet will tell you to just buy as much bitcoin as possible and you’ll…

Eating right to be fit for life is based on the lessons from the famous book by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond Fit for Life. Since implementing just a couple of the core principles I have seen a change in my own energy levels. At its core, eating more fruits and vegetables is almost certain to have a positive impact on your health.

You can watch the video here if you prefer.

Eating Right to Be Fit for Life

Fit for Life discusses proper food combinations and when to eat certain foods throughout the day to optimize your energy. …

Last month I completed a 30-day fitness challenge 1,000 pushups, squats, and crunches in a day. Watch the video if you prefer.

The Idea for the 1,000 Pushups Challenge

In early November I completed the New York City Marathon. I realized during my marathon training I’d solely been doing cardio. Besides some power yoga, I had done almost no strength training and was feeling weak. I wanted to come up with an indoor strength-building fitness challenge as it was getting cold in New York.

Early this year I read, Living with A Seal by Jesse Itzler the owner of the Atlanta Hawks. In it, he hires a…

This is a Silicon Alley Podcast transcription of From Idea to Business and Quitting My Job which originally published in November of 2019. Here is a link to the Silicon Alley Podcast website. Enjoy!

Hey everyone! Welcome to the Silicon Alley podcast I’m your host William Glass. On the Silicon Alley Podcast, we talk about what it’s really like to be an entrepreneur and what’s the actual journey. So looking at entrepreneurship not with the rosy-colored glasses of success but from the ground up.

How I went from an idea to quitting my job to start a business

Today I want to talk to you about the idea. Ostrich didn’t start off as Ostrich…

There are four things that are important when raising venture capital for your business. You’ll want to have an elevator pitch, executive summary, pitch deck, and product demo/prototype. While every venture capitalist is a little different in how they want to be approached or pitched, having these four items will significantly increase your chances of getting a meeting, receiving a term sheet, and raising money for your business.

The Four Things You Must Have When Raising Venture Capital

Elevator Pitch — Verbal & Written

When raising venture capital for your business you need to have a short elevator pitch. The elevator pitch is the 30-second overview of your business. Things to include in your elevator pitch…

Discovering FinCon Cover — Financial Glass

FinCon 2019 just finished up and what an exciting week it was. If you are unfamiliar, FinCon is an annual conference that brings together finance brands, FinTech, media, personal finance influencers (think bloggers, podcasts, YouTube, and Instagram), and money nerds. Depending on who you are, talking money could be the most exciting thing in the world or literally THE WORST.

Despite your perceptions, it is a fantastic event and a lot of fun! Think lots of Happy Hours and interesting conversations. People wanting to interview you and support your dreams of becoming Insta-famous.

I’ll outline some key themes and events…

The first day of FinCon 2019 is in the books. Overall it was a jam-packed half-day filled with lots of good conversations and handshakes.

Before kicking off the conference I went for a 9 mile run through Rock Creek and around the National Mall. I took in the streets and sights of Washington DC on foot without the tourist crowds. As I ran this morning, I recognized how much I like Washington DC. There is a unique energy that comes from the history and political power that is the bedrock of the city.

Kicking off the First Day of FinCon 2019

During check-in, there were tons of folks…

Sitting on a cramped bus passing through Baltimore, I am getting more excited for FinCon 2019 in Washington, DC. This will be my first time attending FinCon which is meant to be where finance and media meet.

This event is where many well-known bloggers, YouTubers, Podcasters, and influencers in the finance space all converge. The event is meant to help facilitate connections and provide valuable learnings to up and coming folks in the space.

Why am I attending?

For me, I am attending FinCon 2019 to gain valuable connections for the FinTech company I am building. Content and influencer marketing are all incredibly valuable in the competitive space of FinTech. My hope is to build long-term relationships in the space.

Our company is still in the development stages as we have proprietary technology and user learnings. Once we have completed the…

Since April, I’ve been implementing a strategy called “do a little each day.” Simply, the idea is that every day, no matter what, you make progress on your big goals.

The Power of Habit

Research shows the power of habit and repetition is the key to building strong habits. I’ve been taking the fundamentals of habit building. Then taking and applying them to my dreams and goals as a strategy towards attainment. Like many folks, I had no trouble dreaming or talking about what my dreams and goals were. Yet, I would often find that I was no closer to achieving them than the…

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