Sitting on a cramped bus passing through Baltimore, I am getting more excited for FinCon 2019 in Washington, DC. This will be my first time attending FinCon which is meant to be where finance and media meet.

This event is where many well-known bloggers, YouTubers, Podcasters, and influencers in the finance space all converge. The event is meant to help facilitate connections and provide valuable learnings to up and coming folks in the space.

Why am I attending?

For me, I am attending FinCon 2019 to gain valuable connections for the FinTech company I am building. Content and influencer marketing are all incredibly valuable in the competitive space of FinTech. My hope is to build long-term relationships in the space.

Our company is still in the development stages as we have proprietary technology and user learnings. Once we have completed the proof of concept phase, we will build out the first iteration of the product. Following that build, we will need to turn up the marketing engine.

At FinCon 2019 not only will I make great connections, but also begin to understand which mode of content marketing is a fit for our company. As a startup we have a small team with limited bandwidth and resources, making it crucial we focus our efforts. At FinCon 2019, we’ll be able to understand what channels are most important to us in the early stages.

About FinCon 2019

FinCon 2019 is in Washington DC this year. It is a four-day event that features brands and influencers alike. There is a lot of content and opportunities to connect with people and learn from others. The tracts for the event range from blogging, podcasting, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and everything in between.

As I pull into Union Station in Washington, DC, I’m excited to share my learning with you and continue to document the journey!

Originally published at on September 4, 2019.

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