First Day of FinCon 2019 — Financial Glass

The first day of FinCon 2019 is in the books. Overall it was a jam-packed half-day filled with lots of good conversations and handshakes.

Before kicking off the conference I went for a 9 mile run through Rock Creek and around the National Mall. I took in the streets and sights of Washington DC on foot without the tourist crowds. As I ran this morning, I recognized how much I like Washington DC. There is a unique energy that comes from the history and political power that is the bedrock of the city.

Kicking off the First Day of FinCon 2019

During check-in, there were tons of folks around talking and networking. It was so busy the newbie first-timer session was so full they turned about 100 people away. Unfortunately, I was one of those people.

On the first day, I started doing rounds around the exhibit hall connecting with brands and sponsors. I met some successful Youtubers, FIRE real estate folks, and lots of bloggers. The energy or the finance-focused content creating community truly shone through the first day of FinCon 2019.

Sitting in a talk about how technology is addressing financial anxiety, I learned some stunning statistics.

“85% of Americans felt some level of financial anxiety”

“50% experienced the same stress levels over credit card debt as they did waiting for medical results”

These stats are truly stunning and how technology is helping to reduce money stress is crucial.

The first day of FinCon 2019 packed in quite a bit for only a half-day!

In the evening there was a happy hour and then a Robinhood sponsored kick-off event. The Robinhood sponsored the first day of FinCon 2019 kickoff event at the Smithsonian Museum of Native American History. It was huge and even featured a donut wall!

First Day Impressions

All in all, I made some solid connections and found it really interesting how many people have created successful businesses from YouTube, blogging, Facebook Groups, and podcasting. It shows that if you dedicate time, create quality content, and are consistent you can make money in the digital economy.

The first day of FinCon 2019 has me really excited for the rest of the conference. I am excited to hear the content sessions and I’m hopeful that I’ll continue to meet interesting people.

Originally published at on September 5, 2019.

Entrepreneur, lifelong learner, and traveler

Entrepreneur, lifelong learner, and traveler